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Unable to create site collection in SharePoint configured with SQL server RBS 2014


Hi Friends,

Recently I wanted to configure RBS on SQL server 2014. According to me I did configure everything fine but then I was unable to create a Site collection in that database. I get below error message.

Sorry, something went wrong
The URL ‘_cts/Document Set/docsethomepage.aspx’ is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web.
Technical Details
Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Correlation ID: af6aef9c-01ea-20f9-005a-d8bb2b2da40d
Date and Time: 3/4/2015 3:14:36 AM


In ULS logs I see below error:

Document Management Server      Document Sets       Unexpected DocumentSet FeatureActivating: throws exception: The URL ‘_cts/Document Set/docsethomepage.aspx’ is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web…. Stacktrace: at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGlobal.HandleComException(COMException comEx) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest.PutFile(String bstrUrl, String bstrWebRelativeUrl, Object punkFile, Int64 cbFile, Object punkSPFileMgr, Object punkFFM, Int64 PutFileOpt, String bstrCreatedBy, String bstrModifiedBy, Int32 iCreatedByID, Int32 iModifiedByID, Object varTimeCreated, Object varTimeLastModified, Object varProperties, String bstrCheckinComment, String bstrLockIdMatch, String bstEtagToMatch, Int32 lockType, String lockId, Int32 minutes, Int32 fRefreshLock, Int32 … 2068ef9c-91d4-20f9-005a-da81ca62d058
Document Management Server      Document Sets      Unexpected …bValidateReqFields, Guid gNewDocId, SPFileSaveParams sfsp, SPFileInfo& pFileProps, UInt32& pdwVirusCheckStatus, String& pVirusCheckMessage, String& pEtagReturn, Byte& piLevel, Int32& pbIgnoredReqProps) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFileCollection.AddStreamOrBytesInternal(String urlOfFile, Stream file, Int64 fileSizeToSave, SPFileStreamManager spmgr, PutFileOpt fileOpt, String createdBy, String modifiedBy, Int32 createdByID, Int32 modifiedByID, DateTime timeCreated, DateTime timeLastModified, Object varProperties, String checkInComment, Stream formatMetadata, String lockIdMatch, String etagToMatch, SPLockType lockType, String lockId, TimeSpan lockTimeout, Boolean validateRequiredFields, SPVirusCheckStatus& virusCheckStatus, String& virusCheckMessage, String& etagNew, Boolean& ignoredRequire… 2068ef9c-91d4-20f9-005a-da81ca62d058


Document Management Server     Document Sets      Unexpected …dProps) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFileCollection.Add(String urlOfFile, Byte[] file, Boolean overwrite, String checkInComment, Boolean checkRequiredFields) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFileCollection.Add(String urlOfFile, Byte[] file, Boolean overwrite) at Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.Internal.DocumentSetFeatureReceiver.FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties). 2068ef9c-91d4-20f9-005a-da81ca62d058


I did a lot of search trying to find the issue but couldn’t find anything. Lucky I found a article which says database might be read only. I then create a new database without RBS enabled and it was working fine.

Then I enabled RBS on same database and got the same error. So I confirmed that it was RBS configuration issue.

I then followed below steps one by one and confirmed that it was issue with ActiveProviderName

$cdb = Get-SPContentDatabase “contentdbname”
$rbss = $cdb.RemoteBlobStorageSettings

I then run below command on same content database which resolved my issue.

$cdb = Get-SPContentDatabase “contentdbname”
$rbss = $cdb.RemoteBlobStorageSettings


Hope this will help you.

Happy Learning friends. 🙂