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SharePoint Hub

  1. Purpose of SharePoint Hub Sites:
    • Hub sites act as central hubs that tie together multiple associated sites. They make it easier to:
      • Discover related content, including news and other site activities.
      • Apply consistent navigation, branding, and site structure across all associated sites.
      • Implement search capabilities that span the entire hub and its associated sites.
  2. Creating a SharePoint Hub Site:
    • SharePoint administrators can create hub sites. When they convert an existing SharePoint site into a hub site, it becomes the focal point for associated sites.
    • The hub site navigation bar appears at the top of the site, but the home page and all site contents remain the same.
  3. Key Features of a SharePoint Hub Site:
    • Shared Hub Navigation:
      • The hub site navigation bar appears at the top of the hub site and all associated sites.
      • Hub site owners can customize this navigation bar and choose to use the mega menu layout.
    • Search Across the Hub:
      • When you search from a hub site, content from both the hub site itself and any associated sites is returned in the search results.
      • Viewers see only the content they have access to.
    • Recommended Web Parts:
      • To enhance the hub site experience, site owners can add the following web parts to the home page:
        • News Roll-Up:
          • Automatically aggregates news published on the hub site and its associated sites.
          • Viewers see news only for sites they have access to.
          • Clicking a news article link takes you to the site where the article was published.
        • Associated Sites:
          • Displays the most active sites associated with the hub site on the home page.
        • Highlighted Content:
          • Dynamically displays content from sites associated with the hub site.
        • Events:
          • Dynamically displays events from associated sites.
  4. Permissions and Security:
    • Sites associated with a hub site do not inherit permissions from the hub site by default.
    • Hub owners can enable hub site permissions sync to ensure visitors have appropriate access to associated sites.

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