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Archive for July, 2023

PCI DSS 4.0 point 8.3.6 : Deploy the Windows Guest Configuration extension to enable Guest Configuration assignments on Windows VMs

While I was working on PCI DSS 4.0, I saw a VM under point 8.3.6 Deploy the Windows Guest Configuration extension to enable Guest Configuration assignments on Windows VMs. I identified that the issue to be with Guest configuration not installed on VM. To fix , we need to run open the Shell command from top right corner of the screen next to search as shown in below screenshot

Make sure we have Bash selected and run below command in the Shell. Make sure you replace VMname and resourcename from the command.

az vm extension set --publisher Microsoft.GuestConfiguration --name ConfigurationforWindows --extension-instance-name AzurePolicyforWindows --resource-group 'Resourcename' --vm-name myVM --enable-auto-upgrade true

Once command is completed, wait for 24 hrs and this point will be closed in PCI DSS 4.0 Dashboard.

Thanks and Regards,
Inderjeet Singh Jaggi

After disk encryption unable to backup Virtual Machine in Azure

I recently encountered an issue that I believe is worth sharing with you. We encrypted our disk as required by PCI DSS 4.0 compliance. However, after the encryption process was completed, we started receiving an error with the code ‘UserErrorEncryptedVmNotSupportedWithDiskEx’, which indicates that ‘disk exclusion is not supported for encrypted virtual machines

When reviewed the backend log we understood that you tried configuring selective disk backup for encrypted disk backup and this is not supported with standard backup policy, however you can configure backup with enhanced policy. I had only OS disk so this article wasn’t much helpful for me.

On the backup screen, I could see OS disk as included disks.

But from the log I could see you have enabled backup without selective disk backup option, and it failed with error UserErrorKeyVaultPermissionsNotConfigured

After lot of research, I found we need to run below command to fix the issue and reset the exclusion. This will mainly reset the settings.

az backup protection update-for-vm --resource-group {resourcegroup} --vault-name {vaultname} -c {vmname} -i {vmname} --disk-list-setting resetexclusionsettings

After above command, I was able to start the backup and could see the completed status of the VM’s

Thanks and regards,
Inderjeet Singh Jaggi
Cloud Architect – Golden Five Consulting
[email protected]

Download a SharePoint Online Page

I encountered an issue where I needed to download a page and upload it to a new site collection. Although this issue may not be common, if you are experiencing it, this article could be of great assistance.

Unfortunately, SharePoint Online doesn’t allow us to copy pages from one site collection to another. However, we can copy list items and documents. If you want to copy a file or item from a document library to another, select the three dots in front of the item, then select ‘Copy to’ and choose the destination site/library. Since we are unable to do this with pages, I have found a workaround which I will share with you below.

To download a SharePoint page, you can use the following URL format and the file will be downloaded: https://tenant.sharepoint.com/_layouts/download.aspx?SourceUrl=https://tenant.sharepoint.com/SitePages/test.aspx

Now you can upload this file to the destination using SharePoint classic view.

Article by: Inderjeet Singh
Cloud Architect
Golden Five Consulting