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Create \ Extend a SharePoint 2010 \ 2013 site for Internet (extranet)

This works for both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Normally web application on SharePoint server are created for internal (intranet) access only. If you want to extend this web application and access it from internet out side your organisation, you need to follow below.

If you just created Alternate Access Mapping in Central Admin, it will not work for you and you might end up facing issues.

Lets assume that your web application on port 20000 configured with windows or form based authentication.
1. Open Central administration -> Manage web application
2. Select your web application with Port 20000 -> Click EXTEND from top ribbon and enter the information for port you want to use.
Note: YOu will have to enter the host header(e.g. internet.domain.com). Port number should be 80
3. For Anonymous choose Yes, one thing here you must enable anonymous access of the web application that you are going to put internet.
4. Select authentication method, which is windows with default values and Enable form based authentication as well.
5. For form based authentication enter the membership and role provider.
6. Select Internet Zone from Public URL section and click OK.
7. Extend web application – choose zone
8. System will create the IIS website with the host header you entered. If you are on different port rather that 80 don’t forget to add that port to firewall exception.
9. Now you can browse your site from the internet using the url like http://internet.domain.com
Note: You can use form based authentication for the internet facing web application to ensure security.