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OneDrive App for Teams vs. Files in Old Teams

  1. Purpose and Usage:
    • OneDrive App for Teams:
      • Designed for individual workspace and personal file storage.
      • Ideal for files used by a single user.
      • Great for business documents, drafts, and personal reference.
    • Files in Old Teams:
      • Used for collaborative work within channels and teams.
      • Shared files accessible to multiple team members.
      • Suitable for ongoing projects and long-term collaborations.
  2. Access and Integration:
    • OneDrive App for Teams:
      • Seamlessly integrates with Teams.
      • Provides easy access to all Microsoft 365 content.
      • Replaces the existing Files menu item.
    • Files in Old Teams:
      • Accessed directly within Teams.
      • Linked to SharePoint libraries behind Teams and channels.
  3. File Ownership:
    • OneDrive App for Teams:
      • Files are owned by individual users.
      • Account holder’s departure doesn’t impact shared links.
    • Files in Old Teams:
      • Files are owned by the team or channel.
      • Shared links may be removed if the account holder leaves.
  4. Collaboration:
    • OneDrive App for Teams:
      • Limited sharing—best for personal use.
      • Collaboration features are minimal.
    • Files in Old Teams:
      • Robust collaboration tools.
      • Multiple users can work on shared files simultaneously.
  5. Future Enhancements:
    • The OneDrive app enhancements will roll out to classic Teams in early 2024, with the Files app name unchanged.

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