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Creating and Building a Quantum Workspace with Microsoft Azure

In the ever-changing realm of quantum computing, a dedicated workspace holds paramount importance. Microsoft Azure offers a platform that allows the establishment of a high-performance hybrid Quantum compute environment within your Azure Quantum workspace, all through a simple browser.

Step 1: Accessing Azure Quantum

To begin the journey, one must first gain entry into Azure Quantum. This can be achieved by directing the browser to the Azure Quantum website. Should an individual lack an Azure account, the creation of one becomes necessary. Upon successful login, the Azure Quantum service becomes accessible.

Step 2: Creating a Quantum Workspace

Once immersed in the realm of Azure Quantum, the creation of a new Quantum Workspace beckons. This designated space stands as the hub for all quantum computational endeavors. The initiation of a new workspace entails the act of clicking on the ‘Create a resource’ tab and opting for ‘Quantum Workspace’.

Step 3: Configuring Your Workspace

Upon establishing your workspace, the next step involves its configuration, encompassing the choice of a quantum computing provider and the specification of the target quantum machine. Azure Quantum offers a diverse array of quantum hardware providers, thereby ensuring the availability of requisite tools for delving into the potential of quantum computing.

Step 4: Building Your Quantum Environment

Following the setup and configuration of your workspace, you can embark on constructing your quantum environment. This endeavor entails the composition of quantum programs utilizing Q#, a quantum programming language developed by Microsoft. The capability to craft Q# programs directly within your Azure Quantum workspace is facilitated through the utilization of hosted Jupyter Notebooks.

Step 5: Running Your Quantum Programs

Subsequent to the composition of quantum programs, you can execute them on authentic quantum computers via the Azure Quantum service. Monitoring the progression of your tasks is seamlessly achievable from within your Quantum Workspace.


Establishing a high-performance hybrid Quantum compute environment within your Azure Quantum workspace is a streamlined process. Armed solely with a browser and an Azure account, you can initiate an exploration of the captivating realm of quantum computing. Azure Quantum extends its provision of tools and resources, catering to both seasoned quantum computing professionals and inquisitive novices alike.

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