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Create a custom MySite host template in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Here I will show you how to create new mysites host. Once you apply this mysite site host template, all new mysite will use this as a tempate to create a mysite

  1. Create a new Mysite host.
    a. Open Central admin > Application management > Create new site collection
    b. Provider Name, URL path, Select template as “My site host” and a site collection admin > Click OK
    c. Now you can make the required modification(e.g. custom master page, custom list, library, webpart, etc) in this mysite template.

  2. Update this Mysite Host site in User profile service application
    a. Open Central admin > Application management > Manage service application > User profile service application
    b. Under My site settings select “Setup My sites” > In my site host select the new mysite host we just created e.g. http://portal/sites/host > Click ok
    C. Now all new my Site collections will use this as Host template

Note. This mysite host does not work on existing site. It only works on new mysites.

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