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Public Folder Migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013

Have 2 Exchange 2007 servers in Single Copy Cluster in parentdomain.com and 2 Exchange 2007 servers in childdomain.com. Every Exchange server have Public folder databases on them. Have also installed Exchange 2013 in parentdomain.com forming coexistence and migrated all user mailboxes of parentdomain to Exchange 2013, but still the users can access Public folder of Exchange 2007 servers.

Public Folder in parentdomain have Public Folder Referral in childdomain.com and vice verse.

Our requirement is to have coexistence of Exchange 2007 and 2013 Public Folder i.e child domain to be using current Exchange 2007 PF and parent domain to be using Exchange 2013 PF

Solution :

Exchange 2007 or exchange 2010 Public folders are called legacy public folders and exchange 2013 public folders are called modern public folders

There can be no coexistence between legacy and modern public folders

Migration from legacy to modern public folders is one time cut over process means migrating everything or nothing and once migrated you must delete legacy public folder database

An Exchange Organization or Active Directory forest can have either legacy Public folder or modern Public folder.

Also Exchange 2013 mailbox users can access Exchange 2007 Public Folder but Exchange 2007 mailboxes can’t access modern Exchange 2013 Public Folders.

You can refer below articles for steps for migrating legacy Public folder to Exchange 2013 (Modern Public folder)




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